Valentina Näsi was born 1953 in Ukraine. 1977-1982 she studied in the University of Arts and Design in St. Petersburg. Her teachers were: Zaltsev, V.P. – drawing; Shamanov B.I –painting; Borodzjulja I.A. – chromatics; Sheveljova N.F. - material design.

After the graduation she worked as a teacher in fashion design in St. Petersburg. In her studio she started to improve the process of dyeing materials with permanent colours. 1990-1991 she designed and produced a collection called:”Malakiittilipas”. Since 1992 she has been a member of the Artists’ Union of Russia. She found it interesting to participate in the Textile Biennale as well as in the annual exhibitions.

Since 2000 Valentina Näsi has been living in Finland. She has continued dyeing materials of which she has made scarves, dresses and application paintings. 2004 she was accepted to be a member of Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo.

Valentina has painted watercolours all her life. Her motifs have been flowers, sceneries and portraits. Her originally realistic way of painting has gradually developed to a more abstract expression showing bright colours and strong feelings.Year after year her way of paintings have grown stronger in expression as well as the size of her watercolours larger.

Even though watercolours have traditionally been considered to be a sensitive and delicate way of expression Valentina Näsi feels free to paint in her own way. Her watercolours are strong; they show movement, bright colours and power, partly impressions by the scenery or a feeling caused by colours.

What is a ”Valentina´s watercolour”?

Her technique is free, yet she carries along the inheritance used by the best watercolour artists of the world. She uses still life, sceneries and moments of life – as a space to give us joy and to let us enjoy the colours. Abstract compositions allow us create our own fantasies - dream our own dreams.